Reconstruction Algorithms for DNA-Storage Systems

Implementations of reconstruction algorithms for DNA Storage Systems.
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A DNA reconstruction algorithm is a mapping which receives t traces y1, …, yt as an input and produces x^, an estimation of x. The goal in the DNA reconstruction problem is to minimize the edit distance between the original string and the algorithm’s estimation. For the deletion channel case, the problem is referred by the deletion DNA reconstruction problem and the goal is to minimize the Levenshtein distance.

SOLQC: Synthetic Oligo Library Quality Control Tool.

SOLQC is a novel analysis tool, which enables fast and comprehensive analysis of synthetic oligo libraries enabling the user comprehensive information and insights about the quality and state of the library.
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The SOLQC software is a joint effort between Eitan Yaakobi’s Group (CS department, Technion) and Zohar Yakhini’s Group (CS department, Technion and CS department, IDC Herzliya).